Learning Networks

Welcome to my blog! I plan on updating this blog frequently with new content, ideas, and resources that I find to be helpful in my classroom. I also hope to shine the light on educators and other professionals who are inspirational in their quest to change the face of digital learning in their organizations.

At the beginning of the year, I attended a professional development where I collaborated with local educators to discuss strategies for using social media in the classroom. While discussing Twitter with one of my colleagues, she shared that had recently created an account to form professional connections. I thought this was a wonderful idea, and I began to wonder if I should do the same. After several months of debate, and attending several Ed camps with “Twitter in the Classroom” breakout groups, I finally made the leap and opened an account.

Of all the decisions I’ve made in my quest to be a life-long learner, this was the single best. I have made so many wonderful connections to both educators and organizations that seek to support educators in their implementation of digital learning. I make it a habit to spend 10 minutes a day reviewing new posts or sharing new things that I’m trying in my classroom. Becoming part of Twitter, as well as joining a few other networks linked below, has really helped me to see how many options there are in implementing digital learning. It has also inspired me to try new ways of creating and delivering instruction to my students.

New to learning networks? Check these out!

1.  Cue – @cueinc 

Cue is a professional development and conference group that aims to promote and inspire by showcasing innovative technology resources and leaders in education. They are based out of California. I found them on Twitter through another one of my follows. If you check out the hashtag #CUE18, you will see some of the incredible presentation topics at their latest conference. Although I’ve primarily been a consumer thus far, I have been able to connect and interact with some of the past presenters and discuss some of the innovative ideas that were presented at other conferences.

2.  DisruptED TV– @DisruptEDTV

This ed tech company is a must follow! They produce thirty minute interview with people who are making an impact in education. They also produce a quarterly magazine called “Spotlight”. You can find an episode guide on their website. It is great for listening to how other people are using innovative technology in education, and it is very inspirational. I often retweet or share the episodes with other staff members at my school.

3. TeachThought–  @TeachThought

TeachThought is a website that I frequently use to get new ideas or when I’m looking for a new approach to a topic. They compile lists of everything that teachers might need or want to know about. When I first joined Twitter, I was looking for a list of educational hashtags that I could follow. They have a great article on Twitter for Education, found here. My friends and I often retweet their articles, and I’ve been able to share a few with my principal as well.

In addition to joining Twitter, I’ve also recently started a Master’s program. My first course, Concepts of Educational Technology, has helped me to focus on the importance of cultivating a growth mindset in the classroom. It has also allowed me to reflect on my own view of education today, as well as formulate my personal learning manifesto. Please visit my “Digital Learning and Leading” page to find out more about this.

I hope to connect with many of you on Twitter, and please post some learning networks/follows that you love in the comments below!

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