Moving Forward with Mindset

Tonight, I submitted my last assignment for my first Graduate class. These first five weeks have flown by at an astonishing pace. In reflecting on this first course, there were two great takeaways.

First, growth mindset is going to play a huge role in my education. This format of this program is so flexible and inspiring, and it pushes you to really step outside your box and try new ways of presenting material. In teaching, I feel as though you get comfortable in certain ways of doing things. I realized that this applied to my role as a student, too. I was more comfortable writing papers than presenting using videos or other formats. However, I felt excited to spend the time exploring new resources, even when they didn’t play out the way I’d hoped. Moving forward, I want to continue to take those risks and learn from my mistakes.

Second, to be a successful learner, students need the COVA model. They need to experience choice in order to take ownership of the learning process. This will allow them to both directly develop their voice and provide them with an authentic learning opportunity. I also expect to use COVA to decide what my organization needs most, as well as determining my role in creating this change.

I can already see the impact that this program is having on my mindset and my approach to instruction, and I can’t wait to see how it will continue to shape my beliefs about learning.

To read more about my own plans with Growth Mindset, please click here.

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