Full STEAM ahead: Digital Leading with ePortfolios

Over the past five weeks, I’ve spent a considerable amount of time working to develop my ePortfolio. From meeting with my professor, reviewing other portfolios, and reviewing feedback from my peers, my ePortfolio has truly developed into a strong reflection of who I am as an educator. I’m proud of the way it looks and the content found within. More importantly, I’m proud of the way I’ve embraced the importance and purpose of an ePortfolio.

The past two courses in the DLL program have focused on giving us a strong foundation in COVA: Choice, Ownership, Voice, and Authentic Learning. We have had the opportunity to use these concepts to develop our ePortfolios and many us have applied these concepts within our positions in education. Once we saw how to get “outside the box”, and how great the results of this decision were, we have become resistant to living inside it.

In the coming few months, I am moving forward in my quest to become a Digital Leader. Next year, I will be creating a STEAM program for my district. I will have the opportunity to work with students grades Pre-K through 6, twice a week. This is a tremendous opportunity, not only to create a brand new curriculum based upon the principles of COVA, but to enact significant change in the learning environment of my school.

My experience with ePortfolios has been extremely positive, and I plan to use portfolios with my own students beginning next school year. I can’t wait to share my ePortfolio with my students, as I feel as though it reflects my journey to become the best educator I can be. It will grow and change with me as my position shifts in the coming months.

No one knows for sure what the future holds. I find excitement in knowing that I will be able to look back and reflect upon each phase of my journey.


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