A “Crisis of Human Resources”- Revolutionizing our Educational System

Looking for a video to reignite that passion for education? Look no further than Sir Ken Robinson’s Ted Talk titled “Bring On the Learning Revolution!” I truly feel as though we are definitely in a time that can be classified as a “crisis of human resources”. The school district where I teach is the district where I grew up. It is very small, measuring only one square mile. Over the past twenty years, the town has undergone major changes while keeping up the same visual facade. Houses that were once passed from generation to generation are now rental properties or low-income properties. As we are part of a regional High School, this town is often looked down on by other districts for the large number of people who receive public assistance. After watching this video, I wonder how many of these people would say that the educational system did not support their dreams or passions.

I also really connected with the point “Life is not linear- it’s organic”. My husband is a Union Ironworker. His experience in school much echoed the Fireman example in the video. In school, he was pushed to get ready for college. He struggled with Reading Comprehension, and he spent many years in Special Education classes, barely passing, but being promoted. He ended up attending a community college for one semester due to his father’s wishes, but he knew it wasn’t for him. We often discuss how this made him feel, and how much it impacted his life. He is so passionate about this career, and he loves his job. He is well-respected, a great resource for his coworkers, and a general foreman on the majority of his jobs. He often talks about how he wished he could have focused his energy on Math, Science, and Engineering and how lucky students are to be able to have the options they have. As for me, I can not imagine doing what he does for a living or every working in a field of such physical labor. It just further drives me to be a part of the revolution; every student should experience the type of personalized learning experience that allows them to chase their dreams and passions. Being “career-ready” does not only apply to professional careers. Everyone should know the joy of doing “what excites their spirit”.

When I think of technology that personalizes my computing and learning experiences, I look no further than Twitter. My feed organizes itself around my preferences, and I am constantly offered recommended pages/people based upon my preferences. I also see this when planning my vacations using Expedia, as it automatically suggests pages and places based upon my previous searches.

As Sir Robinson says, “The answer to the future comes through customizing to current circumstances.” It’s up to us to find a way to make education and learning as response as our favorite technology. It is time to take our own advice when it comes to “Fast Food”- it’s just not a healthy option!

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