Using Action Research to Support Innovation

Over the past five weeks, I’ve had the opportunity to look closely at the topic of Action Research. In the past, I’ve often cringed when hearing the term “research”. In my mind, research is always impersonal and something that has to be done based upon an assignment or a requirement for school or work. The benefits of this research are rarely seen by the researcher. However, Action Research is the opposite of this. It is research that is extremely personal and beneficial in the present. The topics for Action Research are based on an individual’s current position and a need that is extremely personal and motivating to them. The overall design of our DLL program inherently supports Action Research, as it truly supports the concepts of choice, ownership, voice, and authentic learning.

In our past three classes, we have spent a lot of time analyzing our Innovation Plans. As we get prepare to implement them, it is only natural that we discover changes that need to be made to ensure success. After searching for Local and Global literature to support the need for my personal Innovation Plan in 5314, it was clear that I needed to provide more opportunities for professional development to help my fellow teachers with the concept of blended learning. Therefore, it was a natural progression for me to want to focus my Action Research Plan in 5315 around these two topics. 

First, I was tasked with creating an Action Research Outline. This allowed me to focus on my fundamental research question and research design, as well as the methods and measurements I would use when collecting data. With a plan in place, it was time to review available research on the topics of blended learning and professional development. My research findings were compiled in the following literature review.

Armed with all of my planning and knowledge, I was finally able to create a full Action Research Plan that I will be able to use in the coming months. 

As I look to implement my Innovation Plan in September 2019, I am confident that the research I completed in this course will help make my dream come to life and make the switch to blended learning a truly wonderful experience for my fellow teachers. To read more about my Innovation Plan, as well as see where Action Research fits into the process, please click here


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