Digital Citizenship: Be a PATRIOT!

In EDLD5316, I had to opportunity to explore the concept of Digital Citizenship. While my current role as a STEAM teacher helped me to hav a basic understanding of the concept, this class helped me to learn just how complex Digital Citizenship really is. As the need for teaching Digital Citizenship in schools grows, this class felt extremely relevant. Not only did it help me to understand the components, but it motivated me to incorporate components of Digital Citizenship into my existing P-6 STEAM curriculum.

To help my learners better understand Digital Citizenship, I developed a mantra:


The patriot is our mascot at National Park Elementary School. Each letter in PATRIOT stands for an aspect or issue connected to Digital Citizenship. P stands for “positive”. Digital Citizens should focus on making positive contributions to conversations and remain positive in all communications. A stands for “appropriate”, and references the need for learners to monitor their online presence and ensure that they are following acceptable use policies. T stands for “tenacious”. I love this work because it focuses on the need for students to be persistent in solving problems and trying new ways of utilizing technology to best fit their individual needs. R stands for “responsible”. Leaners must understand their actions have consequences and must ensure that they are creating a digital footprint that they would be proud to show others. I stands for “innovative”. Learners should not simply be passive users of technology but must find ways to create and contribute to the world around them. O stands for “observant”. Learners must be aware of safety and security when participating in online environments. The final T stands for “tolerant”. Learners need to focus on learning to interact positively with others that may not share their beliefs or opinions, and they should always be on the lookout for others who may be treated unfairly.

As I plan to focus on Digital Citizenship in my STEAM room this year, I made the following video to help my learners understand Digital Citizenship. I’m looking forward to helping prepare my students to be successful, contributing members of society, both online and offline.

For more on my experience with creating this project, please read my reflection below.

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