Planning for Success

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Creating an Outline for Change

In order to prepare for the shift in Professional Development that was needed to ensure my Innovation plan would be successful, I developed an outline. This outline would be my guide as I attempted to create professional development for teachers that was significant, on-going, and supportive of each teacher’s unique role.
     In planning for the PL, I needed to go back and review my “Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal” for my Innovation Plan at NPS. I wanted to make sure that my professional learning plan connected directly to the learning goals for our school “Innovation Station”. You can read more about my Innovation Plan by clicking the links below.
     After reviewing my plans, I decided to divide my plan into three stages: “Initial Planning”, “Implementation”, and “Revision & Future” planning. To see what each stage will look like, please click the corresponding tab. You may also click the linked items to access the materials I will use for that step in the process. As this is a living document that will be adjusted regularly, please check back frequently for updates!


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Professional Development Plan Outline       “Innovation Station” at National Park School

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